Hall Contracting of Kentucky, Inc. is proud of the record we have achieved over the years concerning the safety and health of our employees. Providing a safe working environment with strict enforcement of sound safety procedures is paramount.

Our accident/injury incident rate is below the national average for our industry and that our experience modification rate is below the standard of 1.0. This is due in part to Hall’s daily in its daily efforts to continue to improve on each of these measurements.

For us, the key to success is the management’s commitment to improving the safety processes, the implementation of a substance abuse testing program, and the ongoing training of all personnel.

As part of our corporate procedures, documented safety meetings are conducted weekly by field supervisors and verbal daily training and monitoring in the field is supported by our supervisors. Quarterly education of all Hall field management is performed to update them on changes in OSHA Standards, and review of loss control efforts.

Supervisors with the best safety records each year are rewarded with recognition and bonuses. Over $46,000 was awarded to our supervisors for outstanding performance 2010. Our field employees are vital to Hall’s safety program, and as such, receive quarterly safety awards for accident-free performance.